Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Else Happening??


Shannon's fringe was really long and I decided to bring her for a haircut last week.

Visiting GongGong & MahMah

We gave Gonggong & MahMah a really big surprised last Sunday. We followed JekJek Jon back to his home and appeared in front of him. GongGong and MahMah was really happy to see Shannon. After dinner, Gonggong spent all his time playing with her precious granddaughter.

Surprised! Lao Mah!!

Other than giving GongGong & MahMah a surprised. I brought Shannon to LaoMah (Great Grandma)'s house one of the weekdays last week too. Lao Mah was surprised and happy to see Shannon as well. After having lunch at her place, Shannon played some "imaginative piano music" for LaoMah... ;p

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