Monday, August 27, 2007

Missing Yiyi(s) ??

Yesterday, we went to Sunday Market at La Teste with Little Beanie's family at La Teste. We bought some bread and joined our friends we met there for a cup of coffee. Shannon was really happy when she saw her favourite Auntie Siew Hoon, she immediately walked towards her and sat on her lap...

Do you think that Auntie Siew Hoon and Auntie Jo somehow and somewhere looks alike? Or simply because Auntie Siew Hoon and all the Yiyi(s) have long hair?

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Auntie Siew Hoon & Shannon SanYi and Shannon

I think she really missed all her YiYis' back in Singapore. SanYi and SanYiZhang love Shannon like their own daughter, they were always patience with her, brought her gaigai whenever they were available. We missed the shopping at Causeway point with them too cos there were always a helping hand to take care of Shannon while we shopped. :P XiaoYi always sing and dance with her making her laugh like mad, brought her to the playground downstairs. ErYi always supplied Shannon with all kinds of beautiful clothes...etc etc Oh.. Shannon loves Auntie Jessica and Auntie Serene too but only when Auntie Siew Hoon is not around.... hehehe.. I think because their hair are shorter than Auntie Siew Hoon lah...She even addressed Auntie Serene as Mama leh...

XiaoYi and Shannon

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Jo said...

We really miss her too... (sob)