Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our Exact Location

For friends who never visited us before...

Map extracted from here

Bordeaux, the capital of Aquitaine, is situated 350 miles southwest of Paris.

Aquitaine is a well-known name but a relatively unexplored corner of France. It offers an outstanding diversity of attractions including:

-Superb beaches, lakes, forests & mountains
-World-famous wines & regional cuisine
-Historic market towns & cultural sights
-Superb surfing, golfing & cycling
-Hardly a British person in sight!

Mission at Alternative Aquitaine is for you to share the enthusiasm for this region.Here's ten good reasons why...

1) it has the longest stretch of coastline in Europe...The Cote d'Argent - 250km of sand recently voted France's Best Mainland Beach.***

2) it is more than just a beach for culture and history... there are medieval villages and hill-top towns, chateaux, museums, markets and regular festivals.

3) it is home to some of the world's most famous wines...such as Medoc, St Emilion, Pomerol and Sauternes.4) it offers an amazing variety of activities...such as golf, surfing, cycling, sailing, hiking, bird-watching and horse riding, to name but a few.

5) it is next door to Spain for San Sebastian, Pamplona or Bilbao's Guggenheim.

6) it is home to the Pyrenees for wonderful walking country... and some of Europe's most exotic wildlife, including vultures and brown bears.

7) it is home to Western Europe's largest forest... and over 30 freshwater lakes for peace, tranquility and enjoying nature.

8) it is home to the French Basque Countryan ancient land... with its own language, culture, sports, festivals, architecture and cuisine.

9) its regional cuisine is noted even in France for its variety... from foie gras to oysters and the Spanish-influenced pintxos ( tapas ).

10) it is now so easy to get to by plane... there are six airports in the region, many served by low-cost airlines.

***The 50 Best Beaches in Europe, The Independent, 14th June 2003

Cazaux is the place where Daddy works (Green arrow) and we are staying in Gujan Mestras (Red arrow)

Gujan-Mestras is, with its 7 oyster ports, the first center of Oyster export in France. The Basin, with its 80% of shares of market, represents the first producer of seed oysters in Europe. The oyster production Gujanaise accounts for 55% of the totality of the Basin is approximately 50 0000 medical labels delivered in 1999. Production of 3600 tons delivered by 220 oyster culturists and 9 stores of forwarding of which 580 tons are sold with the breeding. 130 boats armed with fishing and approximately 300 sailors embarked, operating 280 ha on the Basin!
Extract from here

Hummpss... but I don't eat Oyster at all... paiseh..i want to puke even if it is taken too close to me... Opps sorry but please let me off with this slimmy thingy.. Well, Daddy and friends who had been here before said they love the oyster. It's fresh, big and juicy, mostly importantly CHEAP CHEAP MAN!

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