Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sleeping Late Again

We have been sleeping around 12am and waking up at 930am these few days. Shannon slept around 2am due to the nap last evening, thus this morning I let her sleep till 12pm thinking that she will avoid her afternoon nap and sleep early tonight. Well, she did sleep early but maybe too early :( around 9pm and woke up at 10pm! I tried to coax her to sleep by patting and singing lullaby till I dozed off myself. I lost my temper at 1120pm and she finally fell asleep at 1145pm.

Sometimes, I really feel like giving up...I really don't want to stress her and myself over her sleeping patterns. Days when I just 'closed one eye' on her sleeping patterns were smoother and happier for both of us.

1 friends commented ^_^:

Claire Lee Xin Yu 李欣宇 said...

Jasmine, if you think your sleeping patterns are bad, you should look at MINE! HAHAHAHA. Don't be too stressed out...