Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What is she eating?

After the previous post, my sis asked me what she was eating in the photo..and the answer is

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We used to be quite proud of her when telling others that she doesn't put anything in her mouth while other babies and toddlers put spiders and sands in theirs :P

However, after attending playgroup for 3 months, she started to put everything in her mouth that looked interesting despite whether it is edible or not... At times, we even teased her by asking her how's the taste and whether it was nice... Sometimes after several attempts of persuading her to stop, I will start to put pepper on her fingers when she suck or keep away the items she was chewing on...

I think most probably she is curious why most her friends in her playgroup always have something in their mouth.. their fingers, their soft toys etc... Hopefully she will kick this bad habit soon.

I believe she can do it!

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Lolomum said...

Not to generalise, but "Ang Moh" kids are supper dirty, man. I'm not a germphobe or anything, but the Mums let their kids put anything in their mouth. I have seen a kid eat sand from the sandbox before and the mum wasn't even very shock. She said it happens all the time.