Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who's Blog is this???

Daddy asked me this question last night...

Daddy : I thought this blog is supposed to be ALL about Shannon???

Me : Hey! It's about Shannon, You and Me... It's about US... I donno what to write about her everyday leh...

Daddy : .......

So.. what do you guys think? Take the poll on the right side of my blog... :P

Thanks in advance!

3 friends commented ^_^:

jeslyn said...

he nothing to do wanna fight ah.

this blog is about you guys' life in france.
moreover, you won't have time to BLOG two BLOGS. also, it's gonna be damn confusing lor!

then you'll be like:
'shannon learnt how to swim today! so cute &smart!' in shannon's blog.

then 'i'm so happy that shannon learnt how to swim today' in your blog =/

stick to this. shannon's life in france consists of you, jiefu, neighbours and all.

Lily Ann said...

Actually it's up to you how you prefer. You can consolidate everything into one if you're tired. If not, you can update all blogs, like what I do. Repetitions yes! But perhaps Shannon will continue it herself next time.. so it's a thorough blog.

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