Monday, September 10, 2007

Few Photos Taken @ Biscarrosse

We went to Biscarrosse for a walk after buying the fish yesterday. I took a few photos for Shannon using the camera phone.

Riding her tricycle along the streets and having her "merry-go-round" rides

When she saw the beach, she happliy run towards the beach with her daddy chasing behind. However, daddy managed to bring her back as she is still not fully-recover from the cough. Look at her grouchy face!

Having fun running up and down the slope.

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mw said...

Your blogs (both of them!) are amazing; the pictures of your daughter are look are full of emotion; i know you must love her so much :D

thanks for the comment; i had to think a bit about what it meant. After 4 years of high school chinese, i find myself reading but still not understanding; phrases with deeper meaning still elude me.

Thanks for dropping by, and keep up the good work! ^^