Friday, September 21, 2007

The real meaning of "Crèche"

After sending Shannon to the "playgroup" for months, I only realised recently that she was not attending playgroup but actually a "CHILDCARE CENTER". *_*

After knowing it, I felt somehow guilty to continue sending Shannon to the "childcare center" as I am a FULL TIME HOUSEWIFE here. Thus, looking after Shannon for the whole day should be my full time job. T.T

However, I decided to continue for some reasons and "excuses" as per follows;

First of all, I need some time for myself to do whatever thing I want, be it housework or surfing net.

Secondly, I think it is good for her to mingles around with French kids and get familiarize with their language since she will be starting Nursery next year.

Thirdly, I want her to learn to socialise and play with kids at all age which she will meet in the center.

Something interesting about "Crèche" in France is that they don't really accept daily attendance. "Crèche" is catered for French mummies to leave the kids there when they need to run errand on some days. No wonder, the person in-charged said that we are only allowed to plan 2 mornings weekly for our kids from next week onwards.


There goes my perfect routine I had trained earlier for Shannon on waking up at 9am, nap at 1:30pm and sleep 1030pm at night. -_-

2 friends commented ^_^:

Helen said...

Really? Means they encourage parent to take care of their own kids?

The reason you cited are not excuses... it does make sense. Especially 2 and 3. Shannon does need to adjust and make new friends. :-)

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Helen, I think so. All of us are allowed to leave our children in a childcare centre for only 15 hours weekly. However, I am not really sure about those bigger center.

Thanks for your assurance that I am not giving excuses.. :P