Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shopping @ Carrefour La Teste

I joined Serene, Jessica and Dawn to Carrefour this afternoon to get some kid's clothes advertised on the leaflets.

The moment we stepped in, Shannon saw the kiddy rides and insisted coming down from the trolley. I told her that I would let her play after my shopping (assuming that she understood...). I quickly pushed the trolley away from the rides and went into Carrefour.

Then she saw the Baby Walker on display and insisted to come out of the trolley to sit in it. As Serene and Dawn's sons were sitting quietly in their pram and trolley, I do not want to break the rule, thus I rejected her request. She started wailing and I managed to distract her for 10 min by getting some toys for her play.

After awhile, she started to cry again insisting me to carry her. She saw the sunglasses and started trying on and kept herself entertained for about 10 minutes.

Her crying and wailing stop and continue till we finally decided to leave after an hour of shopping. As promised, I brought her to the kiddy rides and she started to play happily till the kids started fighting to sit on one of the rides. We quickly dragged them out and proceed to MacDonald Playground.

At last, there was some peaceful moments while the kids playing happily at the indoor playground... @_@' Well, maybe it was my mistake to bring her out today... She might be grouchy because she was not feeling well these few days. She started having slight cough on Sunday and runny nose this morning.

It seems that her cough has worsen and I told Daddy that I will bring her to see a GP after her playgroup. But Daddy suggested to go to PD so that she can have her half-yearly development check-up done at the same time. Hopefully Daddy will remember to book an appt for her with the PD tomorrow.

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