Friday, September 21, 2007


As many of you know, I am trying to earn some extra money by monetizing my blog. I did not initially begin this journey of blogging for the reason of making money. However, if I can blog for money, why not?

I was looking into blog advertising and I found Smorty. Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. I think Smorty cater the best of both worlds for the advertiser and the bloggers. Advertiser pays bloggers to write reviews with a link back to their website, while bloggers get paid to blog about the website of the advertiser. The best part is we do not have to neccearily endorse the advertiser's website products or services, but just mention them in our blog. This means, it is entirely our opinion to post.

Signing up Smorty is easy as pie and my blog got approved within 12 hours. According to some bloggers' review, Smorty is the fastest way to get paid for blogging among all these blog advertising companies. They also paid weekly via paypal for approved blog posts while others are paying bi-weekly or monthly.

What are you waiting for? Go FAQ page for more detailed information, sign up and get paid for blogging!

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