Friday, September 7, 2007

Suppository Twice A Day >.<

We went to see the PD last night and Shannon was given 2 types of medicine, one bottle of Nasal Drip for her runny nose and Suppositories (rectal) for her fever and cough. The prescription of medicine in France is quite different from Singapore. In France, they prescribed Nasal Spray or Drip instead of liquid medicine for flu. In Singapore, we are only prescribed with Suppository for high fever and the Suppository can curb cough here.

Anyway, it broke my heart when I inserted the suppository. She was screaming and struggling while I insert. I find that the suppository is so big and long, thus I was a bit kan cheong and slow when inserting. Well, I did a fast one this morning and she just cried for a while. So, I do need some practices...

After sending her to school this morning, I went to La Poste to collect a parcel sent by Auntie Jo. I will let Shannon open it when we webcam later with San Yi.

Thanks Jo and Dean for the gift!

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