Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Celebrations

I have been really tired lazy to post the last few days.. Now I am going to do "backlog" again. :P


By looking at the "kum" , it looks like our Chinese New Year Celebration ya?

They had a very very small Christmas celebration during the tea break. The kids were all given a present. Shannon was so excited and opened up the present immediately. :P

Last Wednesday 12 Dec 07 @ Creche

This was done by Shannon in the creche. The kids stuffed favoured bonbon (sweets) in to Dates, prunes, apricot and coated with colourful sugar pearls.

Last Sunday 16 Dec @ Cazaux Air Base

We went to the Cazaux Air base on Sunday. It was a yearly thingy. All the kids of the working personnel in the Airbase were invited to meet Papa Noel (Santa Claus) and collect a present. We heard that the Santa Claus will arrived in the helicopter (as of few years ago) but in the end, he arrived in a FIRE ENGINE. When he stepped down, he started to distribute sweets to the kids surrounding him.

After collecting the sweets, we took some photos with some of the cartoon characters and she went to play with some of her friends. She was having fun chasing the jiejies around.

We followed the crowds and went into the auditorium to watch some performance for a while. After 15 minutes, we went to another place to collect her Christmas present and left for another Christmas Functions.

Christmas Celebration with Clapotis on 16 Dec 07

This Christmas Function was organised by Clapotis. It was a potluck even and we contributed the K0nnyaku Jelly we made on Saturday night. Then we started to play the game prepared by them.

Fishing Game

Throwing Game

Face Painting

Shannon refused to participate in the face painting. She cried and said that she wanted clean face *roll eyes*

After each game, the kids will be given some sweets or chocolates.

Happily jumping around.

As usual, she opened up her present after the caretaker passed to her.


We left the function at about 5pm as we went for a shopping spree at Carrefour. :P

6 friends commented ^_^:

Ling That's Me said...

looks like all of u are having lots of fun! enjoy ya! :)

Missy M said...

We were told the same thing as well last year (Santa arriving in a helicopter). This year's event looked more fun than last year's though!

Too bad Megan is back in SG now, else I am sure she will have fun as well :)

Merry X'mas to all at home! Bon Fete!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ling - Yeah!

@missy m - Actually, depend on the parent. Some parents just go there to collect present only, thus it make the event boring...

Merry Christmas to you in SIN!! :)

Helen said...

Shannon is really having a good time. :-)

Hey, now that you mentioned it, the pic does look more like a CNY celebration. lol

jeslyn said...

Shannon is so smart! She want to be pretty, dowan to draw her face. hahah!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Helen - Haha...The kids will have more fun on the eve. I will be asking papa noel to come to our house and distribute the gifts :P

@ jeslyn - Precisely.. She don't wan to get dirty.. hehe