Saturday, August 23, 2008

True Princess

Few days ago, Shannon discovered some of the old "toys" that she used to chuck aside. She took out everything and called me into the room.

Shannon: Mummy Mummy Come
Shannon: I found my watch!

Me: Great! You found it!
Shannon: See See, another one. All Shannon's watch. I love my watch
Shannon: Mummy, What is this?
Me: This is a crown.
Shannon: What is this (these)?
Me: These are a bracelets, ring, necklaces and shoes

She slipped in the ring on her pointer finger and said

Mummy, I want wear necklace, bracelets and crown.

I put on one necklace for her and she showed me another one and insisted to put it on as well. After that, she proceeds on wearing her shoes and turns to me and said.

Mummy, Shannon turns into a TRUE PRINCESS!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAH... she extracted this sentence from one of the Dora the Explorer episode.
Then, she walked around with her shoe creating the kitkit katkat noisy sound. After awhile...

Shannon: Oh dear...Mummy, look at my shoe! Spoilt... Mummy, use sticky tape to fix it

I was reluctant cos the sole of the shoe broke into 2 pieces and it will break again even if I stick it back. However, I did it for her as she was like nagging away like an old lady. Happily, she put on her shoe again and less than 5 minutes, the other shoe also gave way. :( I used some scotch tape to stick it back again and she start dancing away....

Now, she wanted to wear a dress everyday and put on all the barang barang walking and dancing around the house. Wahahahahaha

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Toy

J bought a new toy for Shannon! It's a Dora Scooter!!!

We din get it last year as we found that she was too young for it.. We totally forgot about this scooter until we saw one at Avril's house few weeks ago. She fell right in love with Avril's scooter and refused to let go of the scooter even when she was actually playing with another toy .

She was so happy when she saw the scooter and gave Daddy a big kiss and a big hug!!!

BBQ & Gathering

We had a BBQ gathering at my house last Saturday. The kids had a great time running around the garden playing with each other and the adults enjoyed themselves yakking away.

FREE Gardener of the night..

When Dawn was feeding Nya, the little girls imitated her and all the kids wanted to do the same..

This was the best moment for the parent after giving the kids an Ice-Cream each!

Oh.. We saw Partial Luna Elcipse that night too!

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only a portion of the Moon enters the umbra. When the Moon travels completely into the Earth's umbra, one observes a total lunar eclipse. The Moon's speed through the shadow is about one kilometer per second (2,300 mph), and totality may last up to nearly 107 minutes. Nevertheless, the total time between the Moon's first and last contact with the shadow is much longer, and could last up to 3.8 hours.[1] The relative distance of the Moon from the Earth at the time of an eclipse can affect the eclipse's duration. In particular, when the Moon is near its apogee, the farthest point from the Earth in its orbit, its orbital speed is the slowest. The diameter of the umbra does not decrease much with distance. Thus, a totally-eclipsed Moon occurring near apogee will lengthen the duration of totality.
Read more here

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Assumption Day

Last Friday was a Public Holiday in France. Assumption Day is a religious festival that celebrates the Virgin Mary's ascent to heaven and over here they celebrated with a Grand Fireworks at Arcachon yearly.

We went early to have our dinner at the beach and to find a parking lot as there will be many people later.

After dinner, we found it bored to sit and wait, thus they kept the table back to the car and we went jalan jalan around the streets.

Faint siah.. Look at her biting the BIG Ice-Cream!!!! @_@

Then, we bought some for the kids and walked back to the beach.

Then, the kids started to enjoy the big Mickey Mouse Playground on the beach.

Shannon only played awhile and dragged her Daddy to the Trampoline. We only let her played once although she was crying for another after she came down.

This was the third time she played trampoline. She can jump better and higher than the previous time. However, she still wouldn't allow the guy to flip her too many times or throw her up higher into the sky. hehehehe

Finally, found a best spot and sat down to wait for the Fireworks to begin. The kids were enjoying themselves running around the beach. And finally, the fireworks begun!!

We reached Arcachon at about 7pm and waited till 1030pm for the Fireworks. The Fireworks lasted for about 20 minutes and we reached home only at 1230am due to the really bad traffic jam. However, it was WORTH IT... the fireworks was just right in front of us. It was magnificent!! Luckily, we had friends to accompany us or else the waiting time is really a turn off.

Monday, August 11, 2008


We went to Kid Parc on Sunday with family of Damian and Brayden. Wow.. It was a super fun day for the kids and a tiring day for us. Let us look at the attractions and the happy faces of the kids.

La Rivière Enchantée - The Delighted River
A boat ride around the Kid Parc!

Le Tonneau Cup - The Barrel Cup

Kid's Océan - Kid's Ocean

Shannon loves the Flying Chair!!

Kid Pêche- Kid Fishes

Fishing up the ducks was one of their favourite!

Kids Nuages - Kids Clouds

Well... The "clouds" was so hot that Shannon refused to go up the second time!

Kid Troie - Kid Troy

There were some obstacles and a slide inside but some of the French Kids were really rough. Shannon went in and got hit by someone and started crying. Then all our bigger kids went in and look after them. The kids loves the slide so much but the "rubber" was kind of hot. Daddy even tore his trousers after sliding down.

Le Trampoline - The Trampoline

Still... the wooden prank and rubber mat was really hot. Then Shannon was getting grouchy after the whole day of playing. Thus she was like whining here and there when she stepped on the hot area.

La Grosse Pomme - The Big Apple

It's a kind of Roller Coaster for the kids. Initially, Shannon was scared but I told her to scream when the roller coaster is going down. After awhile, she started to love it and wanted to sit again and again

Kids Balls

The kids stayed in this pool of balls for about 1 hour. Shannon was shocked when she first jumped into the pool of balls. She dare not move when she was inside as she scare that she will sink inside... hehehehe

La Gare Safari - The Safari Train Station

Another Favourite ride for the kids as they could imagine driving the train.

Kids Circus

Chicken and Duck Session... Because we don't understand what the clown was saying and we just looked at what he was doing. I tried my best to explain to Shannon about what the clown was performing. I believe she will love the Circus next year as she will be learning and picking up French.

L'aquakid - Aqua Kid

A pool whereby all the children and play water which attracted Shannon and Brayden for at least one hour.

There are more attraction like L'arbre De Robinson (Robinson Tree House), Le Bateau Pirate (Viking), La Pieuvre (Merry Go Round).

We reached Kid Parc at 1030am and only left the place at 520pm. Shannon was super tired and fell right into sleep in my arm even before J left the carpark. A really nice place that worth going for umpteen times. ^_^