Sunday, November 30, 2008

How We Spent Our Saturday Night

Frankly speaking, I am really lazy to go out on weekends. Everyday, I wake up at 730am, spends about 3 hours travelling to and fro the work place, walks for around 40 minutes (cos Shannon is strolling) to and fro the childcare, reaches home at 7pm and only get to sleep at 12am. Thus, when it comes to Saturday and Sunday, I just want to stay at home to sleep and rest! Another reason might be cuz my cough has not fully recovered which causes me sleepless nights.

But, it will be really unfair for Shannon to stay at home rotting with me. Thus, I squeezed out few hours yesterday and brought her out. Since she loves to take MRT, we took a MRT to Causeway Point. After having our dinner, I brought her to Time Zone and let her enjoy the rides and games. The most funniest game was the bowling, I had a fright when I heard the loud "THUD"sound after she bowled THROW the bowling ball. Hahaha... Take a look at the videos I took about half a day to upload due to the slow connections.

We spent about an hour there before we went home.


2 friends commented ^_^:

buffysim said...

Shannon is really fortunate to have you as her mommy. So tired liao still manage to take her out for funtime =) Miss ya both!

Mummy to QiQi said...

shannon must enjoyed herself a lot. poor you, hope u get your freedom again soon.