Friday, November 21, 2008


After I had finished typing the previous post, I realised that Shannon was running a fever. I went to the fridge and search for any fever medicine and I was really lucky to find one. I fed her with the medicine and we went to sleep.

Yesterday, she woke up with mild fever and I brought her to see a doctor. Doctor said her throat was slightly red that might have caused the fever. After seeing a doctor, we took a cab down to my office to sign some document which required to be done asap. However, I only get to bring her home at 5pm as there were just too many works that need immediate attention. While we were on the cab, she fell asleep. Her fever gradually climb up to 39.8 and I had to wake her up at 645pm to feed her fever medicine. Her fever subsided slight at the time of 9pm. As she had a late nap, she only fell asleep at around 12am.

This morning, I woke up with STIFF NECK!!! Must be Shannon who had caused it. She loved to squeeze near me when she is sleeping especially in the morning. After breakfast, I took some Chinese pills and I hope that the pain will go away soon. As for Shannon, her fever again climbed up to 39.5 this morning. I fed her medicine immediately after her milk but still her fever is still there at 12pm. I have to keep an eye on her before the next episode of febrile fits strike.

I was really perplexed about my life here. There are so many works to be done in the office. My cough is still not fully recovered yet and now I am having stiff neck! I really need to finished the work here as soon as possible but kept on delayed by my own sickness and now Shannon is having fever. I felt so f^&^%$ sway loh. Another issues is my back, I am having backache on and off especially when I am sitting on the floor. When I sit on the floor awhile and tried to get up to walk, I couldn't straighten my back immediately. I am only in early 30s and my backache strike me like nobody business. I am thinking of going for acupuncture to treat my backache soon. I don't have backache problem before I had Shannon or even during pregnancy and I am getting it now. How my life is going to be with all the constant backache and stiff neck... T.T

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Bengbeng said...

oh dear.oh dear. forget abt yrself for a while. u will endure :) but Shannon's fever is worrisome. it is too high for a child. u need to keep an eye or someone to keep an eye on her all the time.

as for the back, i solved my problem thru yoga. but i doubt u can find the time.

take care.

Megan and Ryan said...

can it be work stress that causes the illness and sudden onset of backache?

sometimes when we have too many tasks on hand and we try to finish them asap and yet still need to spend time with our kids..all these adds up to the "unspoken stress" lor.

Hang in there, hope your work matters end soon and you can go back to Cazaux...I like my life there as well, so I fully understand how you feel.

take care!

Bengbeng said...

hope everything is better today. how is Shannon

Shannon's Mummy said...

@bengbeng -- Shannon's fever still going up and down.

@Selina - I was wondering other than stress. Maybe I am wearing heels and walked a lot recently that had caused the backpain.

Anonymous said...

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