Friday, August 31, 2007

First Appointment

Finally, we went to the first consultation on FET (Frozen Embryos Transfer) with my Gynae yesterday. Our appointment was at 340pm but we reached only at 525pm due to the really really bad traffic jam on the expressway. There were like 4 accident on the road we passed by! Daddy was swearing like nobody business... hehe

Anyway, the Gynea said we will be starting all the necessary examination when my next menses arrive. I have to

1. Make an appointment for my blood test on the 3rd day of the cycle.

2. Book an appointment for a biologist to discuss on how many embryos to transfer.

3. Book an appointment for a Sonohysterogram, a procedure which tests for defects in the lining of the uterus (from adhesions, fibroids, malformations, cesarean or polyps) which could prevent implantation and cause miscarriage.

4. Book an appointment for a "trial" transfer - This simulates the embryo transfer and measures the depth and configuration of the uterine cavity. After a speculum is placed in the vagina, a small flexible transfer catheter is placed through the cervix. This will ensure that the actual embryo transfer is done as gently and carefully as possible.

After all the above is done, I will start the actual (FET) Frozen Embryos Transfer in late October or mid November. If everything goes smoothly, Shannon will have sibling/siblings in Aug/Sept next year!

Crossed our fingers and toes!! :P

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