Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back To Creche

Today, we sent Shannon to the Creche after 1 month of holiday break. I was quite prepared to accept any whinning from her after a long break. However, to our SURPRISE, she adapted very well. Once she was inside, she went to say bonjour to the caretaker and straight into the other room and started playing with her friends. When we bade farewell to her, she happily hugged us and said goodbye to us and straight away ignored us and started playing with her friends.

A Happy Family

Look at Dawn's figure!!! She don't look like she had given birth at all...LOL

(Photos taken from Dawn's blog)

After sending her to Creche, I accompanied J to buy some stuffs and reached home at about 1120. After I finished cooking his lunch and dinner, I went to Dawn's House. She held a small full month celebration for her 2nd daughter, Nya who arrived last month.

It was a nice gathering as I got to know more friends at the same time. I stayed till 2plus and rushed back to creche to pick Shannon up for Gym Lesson. She was still sleeping soundly when I arrived. Frankly speaking, I hate waking up her during her nap but its either she sleeps for one hour on tuesday and get to sleep early at night. Or take her nap after 4pm and sleep really late that night.

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