Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happening In Singapore - 1st Week

We went to my Mother In Law's house and stayed for a few days.

Their Semi-D at 6th Ave was GREAT! Just take a look at the photos and you will know. However, it was quite tiring to go up and down the house. Thus, I carried the backpack around with me in case Shannon needed something and I won't have to climb up and down..hahaha..And not fogetting that her dear gugus' were helping me accompanying Shannon up and down the stairs so it was quite alright.

Shannon loved the swimming pool very much.. However it was a deep pool, thus she could only stand at the steps and play with the water. She never had enough of playing with water as you can see her face changed when J picked her up the water...LOL

And sometimes, she won't even care if she was with any clothing and she could just jump down! Shame shame Shannon!

We celebrated my FIL's birthday at Singapore Swimming Club on the 1st week too.
They ordered an Australian Wine and to my surprise, it was really smooth and nice. I never liked red wine and I think I fell in love with Australia Wine after that.

After dinner, we went back to the house for cake cutting. Shannon sticked herself closely to YeYe for the first time as she wanted to help him to blow the candles. She happily sung the Birthday song, kissed Yeye and gave her best smile during photograph time and opened up all Yeye's presents. One of the presents was a tie and Shannon was funny enough to wrap it around Yeye's neck thinking that it was a

We went to the UnderWaterWorld at Sentosa with Da Gugu, Xiao Gugu, Uncle Jon and Xiaoyi. The trip was nice especially when we got to touch the stingray at the entrance of the UnderWaterWorld. Afterwhich, we went to the see the pink dophin show but it was a disappointment to me. Shannon was not interested and probably the reason was cuz the stage was so far away; in addition, the sun was directly shining upon our faces. We couldn't really enjoy the whole show.

That's ALL for 1st week :)

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