Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happening In Singapore - 2nd Week

2nd week was really beri beri beri warm. The house felt like an oven to me, I am always sticky which I hate it. To make thing worse, I developed some rashes due to the warm weather as well. Itchy itchy.

That aside, we went to the Zoo on Tuesday with Xiaoyi. After strolling about 2 hours viewing various animal shows, we had our lunch at KFC Restaurant at the Children Area. Had a hard time getting seats cause a school was having Zoo Excursion! After lunch, Shannon started her fun at the playground as well as the water playground. We got her to wash up and continued with our journey after a long while. Soon after that, she started to look tired and her body temperature raised. We cut short our trip and went back home at about 3pm. She took a nap till 6pm before we went for dinner at IMM with SanYi, SanYiZhang, Elyse, XiaoYi and BiaoYi.

Shannon looked perfectly okay when we reached IMM. She was walking around, enjoying her kiddy rides, just being the usual bouncy Shannon. Who knew, when the dinner started at Fish & Co, she started to cling on her Daddy and looked very tired. I had a bad feeling about her sudden raise of tempreture. I took over from Daddy while he was signing the bill and Shannon suddenly had febrile fits in the restaurant. We waited for her fits to end and rushed her to KK Hospital. She was still kind of sleepy after her fits. Xiaoyi was tramautised by the whole thing. Well, you can see the tears rolling from her eyes. Actually kids will be very tired and sleepy after febrile fits but I was still as worried and I keep putting my fingers under her nose to check her breathing. *roll eyes*

After reaching KK Hospital, Shannon was sent to observation ward and was given some instructions to sponge her to get her temperature down. Luckily her fever did subside after the sponging and fever medicine. The doctor checked everything after one or two hours later and concluded that it was viral fever and we were allowed to bring her home. We were told to bring her back if she has another febrile fits in the next 24 hours. Her fever subsided in 2 days followed by a bad flu and cough. Luckily, with one of their medicine which causes drowsiness, we managed to let her have ample rest. Her cough and flu was finally better on Sunday.

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