Friday, October 26, 2007

Back To Creche

After 2 weeks of resting, Shannon went back to Creche today. It was difficult to wake her up this morning as she had been sleeping till 11am for the past 2 weeks. :P

"Mummy, No School" was the first sentence she mumbled to me before she takes the milk bottle from me. I had to change her and tie her hair with her eyes closed. -_-'

As usual, she clung to me like a koala bear after a long break from the Creche. She did smile to everyone when we reached but refused to let me go. After half an hour, I hugged her, stood up and left her with Valerie's care. When Valerie came out from the room, she said Shannon just frowned awhile and back to her happy self again.

Bravo, my little girl...Mummy is so proud of you.

2 friends commented ^_^:

Mummy to QiQi said...

sigh...u know bout qiqi who only went to school days, and not willing to go anymore. Yesterday i spoke to her until she cry...(so sad also to force her)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Chineeq... I understand what you are going thru...There is no right and wrong actually. I almost wanted to give up when I send her to creche earlier. But sometimes, if you persist on and constantly reminding them that the benefit of going to school. Somehow, they will understand and enjoy the school. Most importantly, you must believe in yourself and qiqi that both of you can do it.