Monday, October 29, 2007

Lousy Morning

This morning, I suddenly remembered that I haven't got the fertility medicine ready for my coming big project!!! I better get it ready today or tomorrow by the latest in case it's not in stock.

While I was checking my email, Shannon came to me and said...

"Mummy, I cough."

Before I could react, she "merlioned" on my trousers and carpet. Arggghhh... >: (

I was so fed up! Got up and cleaned her and myself up, then I started to clean up the carpet which made my blood boil. >: ( After wiping several times, I still found that it is dirty and still sticky! Aiyo... That's why I hate carpets with kids around but then without carpet, the floor would be so cold... :/ : S

4 friends commented ^_^:

Nicole said...

Hi Jas,

How come Shannon merlion on you? She's not feeling well??

Take care ya. You know, I heard that chocolates really works wonder. Haha.. At least for my sister and I, whenever we're having our menses, we'll eat chocolates. :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Nicole - haha.. forgot to mention in the post.. I am also not sure why she merlion.. maybe she drank the milk too fast and thus too full??

Helen said...

Hope Shannon is OK... poor girl.

When it comes to carpets, depend what size you're having. I usually buy those not too big ones so I can simply throw it on the floor and wash it with soap and water.

I know, your weather over there is not as sunny hor?

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Helen - Poor me actually ...hahaha
The weather is cold here now, no way to dry the carpet man.. Moreover, the carpet is really big, lehcheh to bring it out to sun. Maybe I use the portable heater to dry it.. LOL