Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TTC#2 Starting Soon

After the trial transfer last week, I will start our making no.2 project probably end of next month or early December. We have decided on Single Embryo Transfer as I do not want to risk myself having twins or triplet. :P

Dr. Emperaire had prescribed Gonal–F® RFF Pen to be injected in my tummy from (counting from the next menstruation cycle) Day 6/7 for 5 days. Gonal F is a synthetic version of naturally occurring follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that helps egg development in the ovaries. For this time, the goal is to induce my ovulation.

Then I will need to see him on Day 11/12 to check whether I need to have another few more injections before I get another one at my buttock Ouch! to trigger the ovulation. When I trigger my ovulation, they will start to thaw 2 embryos and try to cultivate to
blastocyst stage. They will call me for the result and then schedule a time for me to go down to do the transferring of embryo to my womb. At the same time, start my progestrone injection buttock Ouch Ouch Ouch weekly for 3 months. But of course, if no embryos survived after the thawing, we will need to cancel the whole thing and start over again. (CHOY CHOY CHOY) Faint! AGAIN!!please lah No more needles lah

Good News (hopefully) will be announce after 2 weeks of waiting which will be around mid or end of December. I bought about 6 pregnancy test kits when I did my
first IVF and started to test after a week of the embryo transfer. I was so happy and excited to see the faint line getting more and more darker each day.

So can I buy another 6 test kits this time, my dear hubby??
Ayeee co'mon, no NO from you.. you are doing nothing this time leh

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Anonymous said...

All the best and take it easy.

God bless.

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi judy.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

All the best and good luck!

Anonymous said...

We can but try our best. the rest is to leave it to God. don't stress yourself out over this.

Helen said...

My best wishes to you. :-)

I trust you will keep us informed... lol

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ bengbeng - Ya..leave it to God... Actually I am only stress because of the needles and giving birth.. :P

@ helen - Thanks ya!