Monday, October 8, 2007

FET - Trial Transfer

Last Saturday, I went for the trial transfer at the fertility clinic. Some of my friends thought that I will be pregnant after trial transfer but unfortunately NO cos it's just a TRIAL transfer.. hehehe

Well, trial transfer is a fast and painless procedure which last less than 10 minutes. This was supposed to simulate the embryo transfer and measures the depth and configuration of my uterine cavity. After a speculum is placed in the vagina, a small flexible transfer catheter was placed through the cervix. This will ensure that the actual embryo transfer is done as gently and carefully as possible. My gynea told me that I need to take medicine for one day to clear my bacteria found in my vaginal. He assured me that it was just a small problem but wanted to ensure that everything is perfect when we start our FET cycle.

After the trial transfer, he asked me to do another round of blood test. "Sigh" I hate needles but what can I do??? This time round, they took 6 tubes of my blood!!! *_*

Well, this is only the beginning and I starts having cold feet about this big project. I told J that if I admit I have low threshold of pain , can we forget about having no. 2.

Sigh, he justs smile at me and keep quiet.. *_*

3 friends commented ^_^:

adrian said...

Pain is only a temporary feeling.
Another child would bring u much joy. Imagine urself in the delivery room and ur baby's cry for the first time. Ahhh... such bliss.

Good luck.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Adrian - xiao leh.. I couldn't imagine at all.. hahaha

buffysim said...

you can do it! hang in there!can't wait for your good news soon!