Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness @ Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse also known as Place Royale is one part of old Bordeaux with its stunning and impressive 18th century architecture.

Last week, we passed by the Fountain of the Three Graces in the middle of Place de la Bourse. PINK ribbons were tied on "the three Grace" and the water in the fountain is also in PINK! We were then reminded that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. You can read more at PINK FOR OCTOBER!

Night View was badly taken !! We will be back with tripod next time!

This photo was taken by Iris

4 friends commented ^_^:

Helen said...

This is so beautiful. Must be breathtaking. Gee, must make it a point to visit France before I'm 6 feet under!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Helen - Yeah Man! However, ppl seldom travel to Bordeaux when they tour europe. Bordeaux is 600km+ away from Paris (the main tourist attraction in France) :)

JO-N said...

France is so beautiful. It's my dream to visit France. Just hope that day will come.

A treat for you over at my blog. Hop over to claim it.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Jo-n - Ya..Lot of cities in France are really beautiful! You must come one day! And thanks for the treat!