Thursday, October 4, 2007

Coughing continues :(

Shannon is recovering well from her flu and fever but sometimes still coughing badly especially during her sleep. For the past few days, her cough caused her to vomit at least once a day. Initially, I thought it was okay for her to vomit since it is another way to clear her phlegm in her chest. However, I am getting more and more worried each day. A doctor told my friend that I should not give her milk and water before she sleep but this was difficult to change as it had been a routine for almost 1 year. I started to dilute her milk (because some says milk powder is heaty) and give her 150ml of milk instead of 240ml of milk. I hope my method works and she doesn't vomit anymore.

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Princesses Mummy said...

did you bring her to Doc.Higuet?sometimes it might be due to milk powder,instead of giving her milk powder,you might want to try soya milk powder instead?cos janelle also had this same problem before at france.also,touchwood lah,could it be bronchitist(i dunno how to spell,heehee)cos estelle also had cough for very long and when we finally bring her to Doc Higuet,she was diagnose with that and had to have theraphy.dun see too lightly thinking its just cough,it might be more to that!sorry.....i'm not trying to scare you but must be careful lor.take care and keep me posted.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ carol - I brought her to Dr. Heguet last week and was give suppositories for her cough and fever. I stopped giving her suppositories cos she don have fever anymore but still taking cough medicine. In France, got sell soya milk powder meh? hehe I think partly because she forced herself to vomit by coughing too... *_*

Bengbeng said...

she vomits because her throat is shallow at this age. it is difficult for her to clear the phlegm. this is one way her body gets rid of the phlegm. u don't have to worry too much abt it. she will recover and things get back to normal soon. don't worry.

muchang said...

moi chuis de malaisie et maintenant je fais mes études à chateauroux..

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Bengbeng - Thanks for your advice. :)

@ muchang - Thanks for dropping by.

Hmmm.. Je parle un petit français.. Mon Francias pas bien lah... heehee