Monday, October 22, 2007

ME Driving to Bordeaux

This afternoon, I drove to Bordeaux Jean Villa Polyclinic with Shannon. This is my FIRST TIME driving such a long distance (63km) and at a high speed! :P

I got my driving license 10 years ago but never really drive. I hate driving because I know I am very careless. I always forgot my blind spot and most importantly I hate kenna lecturing from my hubby. I always joked that unless he signed me some contract that he wouldn't ask the details if I kenna accident one day. I couldn't imagine lying on the hospital bed with one leg hanging, then kenna interrogate by him asking me what happen and why it happen.... LOL... (a bit exaggerating lah..hehe)

After we re-located to France, I have no choice but to pick up driving again as I need to send Shannon to school. Luckily, J bought me an Auto Transmission Car. Well, Auto Cars in France are more expensive and normally driven by handicap only (o^_^o). J also got me comprehensive car insurance and assured me that he wouldn't nag so much when I am driving. After driving for months, I am still not adventurous or courage to drive too far away from my comfort zone. Some of the roads here are damn narrow with cars parking along the side. Although J had mentioned that my parking skills had improved but I am still not confident to choose a parking lot in between 2 cars.. (o^_^o)

Anyway, I was forced to drive to Bordeaux by myself today because J was not able to take leave for the gynea appt. The thoughts of me driving alone with that kind of distance and having Shannon around during the consultation made me so moody my face was as black as a piece of charcoal for the whole morning. How do you expect Shannon to sit down quietly with me and listen quietly?

Luckily, things were not as bad as I had thought. My appointments were at 430pm and 500pm. I started my journey at 230pm to avoid the traffic jam which usually happens around 3-4pm. Journey was great and shiok driving at 90km/hr and 130km/hr ... hahaha... I reached the fertility clinic at 315pm, waited sometimes for Shannon to wake up from her nap. From 350pm to 515pm, we went to the toilet for 4 times, drank a few cups of distilled water (insisted by Shannon when she played with the water dispenser). Some of the French couldn't take their eyes off Shannon at the waiting room as she was performing here wiggling, dancing and talking. When it was my turn to see the gynea, we went into the room and Shannon refused to be seated as there were many things (the books lying on the floor, the little presents on the table, the files on the table etc) around for her to touch and explore. Luckily, I brought some gummy bears to keep her quiet and seated while I try to catch up and conclude what the gynea was trying to say to me in English with French accent.

After the appointment, we left the clinic at 505pm and I made a wrong turn which nearly lead me to PARIS instead of home... @_@ Luckily there was a left turn into some factories which enable me to make a U-turn back. "Phew" Traffic was slow in the beginning; I was traveling like 50km/hr at the expressway. I don't really dare to move out my lane in the first place but after awhile I was "flying" like 90-130km/hr to shake off the car that was tailing me...

We reached home safely at about 615pm and received J's call at 30mins later. I told him that I was unsure about the speeding limits at certain part of the expressway thus forgive me if I got a ticket! :P

Hopefully no lah cos some cars "fly" faster than me man!!! Ohya Ohya.. Don't worry about me, I only speed drive within speed limit and of cos I speed when I feel confident lah....Safety First... I know I know.. hahahaha

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Princesses Mummy said...

wow......congratulations on your 1st attempt driving to Bordeaux:-)how i envy those who can drive there at least you wont be cope up at home,heehee....
hope to read some "good news"in your coming blog;-)
take care!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Caroline - yeah! Thanks! "good news" not so soon.. wait for another mth or 2.. hehe