Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shannon is Addicted to

Dora The Explorer!!!!
The series is designed to actively encourage pre-schoolers in a play along adventure. Dora The Explorer builds on Nick Jr’s promise to ‘Play, Laugh and Learn.’ Each day Dora and her monkey companion Boots go on a high stakes journey – a quest filled with funny friends, puzzling problems and an arch villain fox......

Dora the Explorer teaches children basic Spanish words and phrases along with math and music skills and physical coordination. Children also learn with Dora how to observe situations and solve problems.
How addicted?

She can watch Dora for the whole evening.
She can skip her nap by watching Dora.
She can sing along with Dora and Boots.
She can seat still and watch one series after another.
She goes berserk when we switch off the show.
She brings Dora everywhere she goes.
She wants us to read story books on Dora the Explorer..
She carries her backpack almost everywhere even she is at home.




Well, of course I am worried about her addiction of Dora! Frankly, she has been picking up lots of sentences and words from Dora but I am still worried the side effect of watching too much TV programs. I heard it will affect their concentration in studies when they grow up. Thus, I prefer her to go to Creche to cut down the TV watching. Anyway, I will try to cut down her time in front of the TV from now onwards.

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JO-N said...

My kids love Dora too. Have to limit TV time or the kids won't stop on their own.

all4u said...

good blog. i get much info fro thi site.thank's


Shannon's Mummy said...

@ jo-n - ya... my girl just couldn't stop watching it.. xianz

@all4u - Thanks for visiting..