Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sorry, No Pet Please

J called me yesterday asking me whether can we keep a kitten and my first answer is NO. I know that he will not give up as he has been a cat-lover since young. Thus, I just said bring it home if you insist but I am not going to take care of it. So he asked his colleague to bring back the kitten in the evening. The little kitten stayed quietly in the box till Shannon discovered it.

The moment she discover the kitten in the box.
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Trying to kill the cat 1
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Trying to kill the cat 2
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Shannon cried when the kitten ran away.
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I know she loves the kitten but I think she is way too young to care for it. She wants the kitten to sleep like her using a pillow, to use a potty when the cats need to pee, sits like her with buttock on the sofa etc. She cries when the kitten ran away from her asking me to find and catch it for her. If you finished watching the 4 videos I have embedded, I think you will agree with me that it is not really a good idea to keep the kitten. I am really worried that she will kill the kitten accidentally one day. She will kenna more scolding from us if she ill-treats the cat unconsciously which I really doesn't want to scold her because of this.

Most importantly, I am not willing to take care of the kitten. I am not willing to clean the urine and feces of the kitten. I have to make sure I washed my hand thoroughly when I handle Shannon's food. I have to wash Shannon's hand after she touched the cats. I have to ensure that everywhere is clean. I have to make sure that the kitten doesn't pee or poo on the carpet. It is really adding more responsibility, stress as well as work to me. Moreover, we are planning for No. 2 !

Thus, my final decision is NO... Sorry dear, I am NOT keeping the kitten, I am not giving in this time. Please give away the kitten ASAP! I love the pets but I love Shannon and myself more!

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Judy said...

The kitten seems to take on to Shannon very well. A lot of kittens would probably scratch if they are not happy with the person.

I used to hate cats until we came to UK. Once the kitten is trained, they are one of the easiest animals to care. Cats are self cleaning and if you leave your window opened and train your kitten to go in and out from there, she will soon learn that windows are her way in and out, ie if you don't have a cat flap.

No need to wash cats. They don't smell and all you do is make sure their eyes are free of sty.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Judy - I think the kitten is scare of shannon lah.. Once the kitten got chance har.. it will runs away from Shannon. I kenna scatched by the kitten but Shannon don't feel because she was wearing thick clothes.. hehe

I don't hate cats but just don't like to take care of them...We had a cat (toilet trained) as a pet before but then the cat clean its butt on the floor after poo.. *_* Can't stand the smell of the poo.. :(

adrian said...

I can understand why. I bought a puppy for my kids and they ended up being sick quite often. They also play with it as if it's a soft toy. Keep on holding on to it. Worst is when both also want to hold the puppy, end up fighting with each other. In the end, the puppy is now with my brother.

JO-N said...

It's a NO for me too when it comes to pets. Can't bear to see them die or sick.

Claire's Mummy---> said...

Hi Jas,

It's truly not advisable now to have a cat, especially when you're planning for no. 2. You should know that their poo will create certain disease to the pregnant women(not sure exactly what but I know got something to do with cats' poo).

Do let Jason know that it's not good for you. :)

Princesses Mummy said...

Hi Jas,

ya,i STRONGLY agreed with you!better dun keep animals with fur at home if you are planning for No 2,it will cause toxoplasmasis rite?also,fur is not good for those with bronchitis:-)
better ask jason to think twice again before keeping the cat.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ nicole and caroline - This is one of the reason but it became an excuse.. :(

@ Adrian - I know one day I am going to send the cat away. Thus, I choose not to start keeping pet at all.