Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Learning to Use "Mouse"

I used to put her on my lap in front of the computer and played the education games online. Today, she insisted to use the mouse herself and I let her. She surprised me with her fast learning skills.

In this video, she is still trying to move the mouse to the desired place. As you can see, the mouse arrow was missing always. 15 minutes later, I decided to let her play using her own computer as the smaller mouse should be easier for her to grip.

She played this game several months ago by just either hitting any key on the keyboard or clicking the mouse. In this video, she actually knows how to pick up the pieces and dragged it to the desired place!

Bravo! Shannon! You always surprised mummy with your fast learning skills!

2 friends commented ^_^:

Helen said...

Children indeed are fast learners. lol

I've tried to teach my elder sister to use the computer... she can't even handle the mouse. *roll eyes*

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Helen - Ya.. Kids really surprise us often! Cannot underestimate them! :P