Monday, November 12, 2007

Bronchitis Set In (T.T)

Her fever subsided since last night but her cough gets really really bad. She was coughing almost non-stop for the whole night. We visited the PD this afternoon and were told that she had Bronchitis. PD said it was not serious but not good ?? She was referred to a clinic to do Respiratory Therapy for a few days depending on her condition. The Respiratory Therapy will help her to clear the airway of mucus or liquid secretion and the therapist will help to massage her chest for easier breathing. Today, she got the neubalizer treatment and massage of her chest and we will go for second treatment tomorrow.

She needs to use an Inhaler 3 times a day to help with her breathing and another type of medicine to dissolve her phlegm. To make it worse, her fever came back at 38.8degree at 9pm! T.T

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Jo said...

Oh.. that's very bad.. Must really monitor and check on her every now and then to make sure she is comfortable. Poor Shannon! :(

Ling That's Me said...

my kids suffer from bronchitis before too. they usually take abt 2weeks to recover fully.

hang on there!

Lily Ann said...

Hope she's better now.
Take care of her and yourself well. I think it's the cold weather setting in so it kind of triggers her tiny lungs.Ask your mom if there's any way to boost her up.

Claire's Mummy---> said...

Claire got bronchitis when she was 1 year old. In fact, we rushed her to KKH after her first birthday party during midnight. Cause she had problem sleeping as she had too much phlegm and was coughing.

Then we have to put her on the mask to reduce the phlegm and she's crying like mad. Very poor thing. I can imagine how difficult this period must be for Shannon and you. Do take care of yourself too, cause you need extra attention and energy to take care of your girl.

Take care!

Sasha said...

oh have to becareful. I got bronchitis before and it's really painful. I mean my chest.

jeslyn said...

poor shannon! but she was still damn bubbly when we webcammed with herrrr! :D

Bengbeng said...

so sorry to hear of this but it explains the fever?

Princesses Mummy said...

aiyo......really kena this ah?very poor thing one lei,cos both my gals also have!once "contracted"very hard to "duan ken"one lei.will have a lot of these and that after this.try not to let her drink too much soft drink and better stay away from fluffy toys.take great care of yourself too,especially now you are planning for No.2.

Helen said...

Bronchitis very marfan. But then hopefully Shannon will be better. Do bronchitis bring fever?

Any explanation about the recurring fever?

buffysim said...

praying that Shannon will make a complete recovery very soon...... Do take good care of yourself too dearie.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I hope Shannon gets better soon. Do let us know her progress. *Hugs*

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ jo - Trying hard to make sure she is comfortable :P

@ ling - 2 weeks!! Oh.. thats really long!

@ lilyann - Hopefully I can avoid virus passing to me!

@ Nicole - She is much better today! Well, she hates the inhaler! And fear of going to the therapy.

@ Sasha - Thanks for dropping by :)
I wonder her chest is painful or not... Hopefully the therapy can reduce some of her pain.

@ Ah Bee - Of cos lah, she grouchy I also don wan to use the webcam..hehe

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Bengbeng - I am not sure either. The doctor in the hospital couldn't find any infection in her urine/blood/throat/ear. Chest X-ray result was good.

Do you think bathing her is the cause of the bronchitis? Chinese do not believe in bathing during fever.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Caroline - Bronchitis seems to be very normal here har! Luckily she doesn't like colored drink a the moment. As for softtoy, we kept alot in the cardboard loh..

@ Dawn - Thanks for the concern! Take care of Nyx too... 3 of my friends' kids also kenna bronchitis.

@ Health Freak Mummy - Thanks! Will do! You Take care too!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Helen - She looks better than yesterday. Hmmm...good question! I don know also leh.

It's seem like the bronchitis brought the fever! As for the recurring fever, I guessed her body is fighting with the infection???

One thing bad about here is language problem. The French doctor speak limited English, thus we always get the same answer. :(