Friday, November 16, 2007

Bronchitis (Day 5)

When I thought Shannon was recovering well from Bronchitis, she starts having runny nose. J came back with bad flu last night and Shannon is having fever today! Well, I am not sure who actually passes the virus to whom! Sometimes, I couldn't help it but gets really frustrated! Ever since we re-located here, both of them have been falling sick again and again. :(

Today marked another TORTURING DAY for Shannon at the Therapy Center. She started to whine when we entered the center and started "CHANTING"

Mummy I want carry, Mummy I want go home, Mummy I want Boots and Dora,


During the therapy session, the therapist laid Shannon down and started forcing choking her to vomit her mucus by massaging pressing her chest and choking her with one hand and the other hand at her stomach pushing upwards. I was helping to wipe away the mucus she vomitted. I tried to hold back my tears as my girl looked like she was going to choke to death. T.T Then the therapist "shot" one syringe of water thru her nose and start choking her again (Total of 3 times!!!). I think she vomited out almost a cup of mucus!!! I believed Shannon must have really traumatized from the whole procedure, as she was crying so frantically in my arms after the whole massage thingy.

After she settled down, therapist began the neubalizer treatment for her again. As usual, with the mask on her mouth, she cried asking me to carry her. "Sigh" I think she somehow knew that I wouldn't be carry her no matter how much she pleaded thus her cries was on and off this time. Or rather, tears were dried up or simply just too tired to cry after the "choking" session earlier. We went home after the treatment and will be going back tomorrow again. :-( Well, after the mucus/phelgm was forced out, her cough was indeed much better. :-)

Luckily all the medical fees are reimbursable over here. Or else really "pok kai" liao.. I heard J mentioned this afternoon that we have 800 Euro of medical fees (including some IVF fees) to claim back!! And I have not paid a single cent to the Therapist yet!

6 friends commented ^_^:

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor Shannon. I really do hope she gets well soon. I know it pains a mother's heart to see her child crying in fear and pain and unable to stop because you know this will help her.

Take care.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Judy - Exactly!!! She yearned for my help during the session. And the only thing I can do was telling her repeatly that she will feel better after the "torture". :(

Helen said...

I might be wrong.. but does old Bolehland has to kind of therapy? This is the first time I heard of such.

Waaaa, very expensive. Thankfully you are covered. :-)

Chinneeq said...

that is so expensive!!! luckily covered by insurance. Hey, Jas, i saw your good news....have a great weekend!

JK said...

Poor Shannon. Don't worry Jas, these days will be over soon.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@helen - Hmmm.. I am not sure either... but it really helps alot!

@chinneeq - Ya lor.. Thank god we will be covered for 4 years!

@ jo-n - Thanks! Hopefully it will be over soon...