Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Desktop Meme

Bengbeng wanted to see how my Desktop looks like. I am so sorry that I took more than a month to do this. :P I love to put my daughter's photos on the desktop. I will change my desktop photos whenever I took some beautiful pictures of her.

Now I would like tag

De' Moment (CHINNEEQ)

Yeah! Show your desktop!!!

8 friends commented ^_^:

Bengbeng said...

Thanks for doing this meme. Is that your handsome hubby? :)

zara's mama said...

I came here actually from Sponsored Review.. Hee hee..

You girl is very cute. I have 2 myself.

Btw, are you trying for a baby or already pregnant? Since you need the progesterone Jab?

Ling That's Me said...

wah, u really caught me this time.
as u can see, I dont post my kids photos. we prefer to remain mysterious... LOL !

no lah, we are not some celebrities or what..I kia-see la, cuz I scare I reveal too much .. ha haa...

let me see what i do from this tag. :D

Shannon's Mummy said...

@bengbeng - My pleasure of doing the meme.. and yes, thats my hubby...

@zara's mum - haha.. talking about sponsored review.. I almost forgot :P

Thanks for the compliment, I know you have 2 cos I am a slient reader of your blog.. hehe

Hmmm.. just did the embryo transfer last thursday. Now waiting to take to HCG blood test next monday to confirm successful or not. :P

Thanks for dropping by.

@ling - Oh..can understand..slowly take your time to do the tag. but if you don't feel comfortable, just ignore it :P

Helen said...

So cute, mommies usually put their children pics in their wallet and desktop. lol

buffysim said...

That's a very nice picture of Shannon you got there. She looks really happy =)

We'll be doing the final move in about 2 weeks time when i am in spore cos my hubby very pan tang, doesn't want me to be around he moves the furniture, kekeke. Yes, its a new house very close to the train station and oyster farm in Gujan =)

Health Freak Mommy said...

I've done this already, months back. Thanks for thinking of me anyway :)
BTW, i hope the blood test result will show a +ve pregnancy test. Do keep us posted!

Mummy to QiQi said...

dear, let me share it with you mine here http://www.demoments.net/blog/?p=1235

I did this tag sometime back. Do keep me posted on your great news yeah!