Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fever Again!


Shannon is having fever again!

She looked okay when I send her to the Creche this morning except she was a cry baby clinging to me. She took her nap as usual at 2pm but slept for 3 long hours instead. I only hear her coughing occasionally thus I have given her some biscuit when she crying for it. I was busy packing the clothes in the evening while she was in the living room. When I am done, I went out the living room and saw her cheeks really red and I thought that it was due to the kerosene heater in the living room. I turned off the heater as the room temperature reached 27 degree.

I gave her some water and she started to be cranky, kept clinging on to me and went heeeheehorhor non-stop. J took over and she fell asleep in his arm before 11pm which I find that it was really weird. Thus, I measured her with thermometer and realised that she was having a fever @ 38.6 degree Celsius! Immediately, gave her medicine and fever went down to 37.8 in one hours time.

Sigh! What could have caused the sudden fever???? I already dressed her in layers when she goes to the Crèche. Hopefully, her fever will subside tomorrow.... :(

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Claire's Mummy---> said...

Hi Jas,

BOTH shannon and claire are having fever!!!!

Claire had high fever last night too but today she seems ok. Still tell me she wanna take a shower, drink milk, watch her cartoon and etc. Still as demanding and are functioning as per normal.

When I asked her if she's ok, she tell me 'OK!'.

I'll have to just keep on monitoring her...

Hope that Shannon will get well soon!

JO-N said...

Did you check her throat? It may be that. Hope she gets well soon.

Helen said...

All the best to Shannon. Hope she'll be up and running soon. :-)

Mummy to QiQi said...

opps....hope baby Shannon will be fine soon. Just monitor her and feed only semi-solid food so that she would recover quickly...*kisses* send from Qiqi :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Nicole - Luckily she is down with fever only. She seems ok but slight cranky than usual.

Speedy recovery, Claire!

@Jo-n - Thanks for your concern. I will check her throat later provided she open her mouth. LOL

@Helen - Thanks for the concern!

@Chinneeq - Got Qiqi's kiss! Thanks for the concern! :D