Saturday, November 10, 2007

High Fever A-G-A-I-N (T.T)

I went to bed 4am last night after updating some posts. I have the tendency to sayang and kiss my girl before I go to sleep. While I was doing last night, I realised that her forehead was kind of hot. I took her temperature and realised that she was having a high fever at 39.6 degree!!! I used one suppository on her and went back to sleep.

When she woke up this morning, her fever was still high at 39-40 degree. I called J who was working overtime today and get him to book an appt with the PD. After abt half an hour, J called back and said he was not able to contact the PD, thus I changed her and brought her to the GP instead. However, it was CLOSED! "Sigh" Decided to monitor her fever since J is coming back from work.

Her fever never goes down at all today. It was always around 38-40degree. J did suggest asking doctor to come to our house and I was indecisive since she still looks alert and active even with her fever. After 2 hours @ 7pm, her fever was still at 39-40degree, I asked J to call up the doctor but the doctor said he could not make it. I went online and check up some information on fever and decided to monitor her temp ourselves. As long as we can keep her fever below 40degree, it should be ok.

After a dose of medication at 7pm, her fever did subside slightly to 38.5degree around 10pm. In the mean time, I am feeding her more water using a syringe. This fever came so suddenly without any warning. "Sigh" Last week; she was having fever too but not as high as this time round.

Sometimes, I feel really useless and hopeless for not able to keep my girl healthy. She has been sick on and off for more than a month. I have no idea what triggered the fever so suddenly and her cough came back as well. "sigh"

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Fever in toddlers come without any warning, though the child may still look active. Usually a fever means the body is fighting off an infection.

Whenever my girls hv high fever, it is either they have throat infection, throat ulcer or flu. Many times, it can also mean that the child has an ear infection, which can get serious. Why didn't you bring her to a private hospital if the paed's office was closed?

jeslyn said...

I definitely know why she's sick so often. Cause she misses me. AWWWWWWWWWW

Ling That's Me said...

oh dear ... how is the little sweetie now?

take care of urself too!

Helen said...

I'm so sorry to hear the fever is back. I was just watching Shannon and kitty video.. :-)

Really, taking care of a young child is never easy. Hang in there and all the best to Shannon. Poor girl. :-)

Bengbeng said...

39.6 is very high. b very careful of her condition if it happens again. prepare standby medication

Lily Ann said...

I hope she is well when you're reading this.
I agree with what health freak mommy says. The fever will come first then the illness sets in.
Sponge her down?
I know this sounds stupid, but you think you can ask your family to send you packets of leng yang to standby at home? I don't think it'll spoil right? If not, refrigerate them may last longer.

Judy said...

It is that time of year with all the colds/flu/winter bug.

Also, is this the first time she is at nursery/creche/school and interacting with more children, so she is bound to pick up viruses which she will one day be immuned to as she gets older.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ all - Thanks for all the concerns. I will reply individual comment when I am free tomorrow... :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

Since Shannon is asleep and I still have some energy to spare.... :)

@ Health freak mummy - Thanks for the info, I brought her to the hospital on Sunday and they said it was viral fever..

@ Ah Bee - :) hmmm.. maybe...

@ ling - Thanks! She is sleeping now with fever still going on at about 38.3degree.

@Helen - Thanks, Helen! Hope some videos tickle you.. hahaha

@bengbeng - Thanks! I had fever medicine available. But sometimes still feel helpless cos it bring down the fever for a while and came back before the next medication time.

@ Lily-Ann - Guess it will be a few days thingy since it's viral fever. I had leng yang and planned to boil some today but really forgot all about it because we were at the hospital for almost the whole day.

@ Judy.. I really hates it man.. She is sick too frequent ever since we moved to France especially this period. I don't mind if it can gets her immunity up but I am really worry that it will be opposite.

Mummy to QiQi said...

oppss...i hope yur darling is getting better by now?

I saw her playing with the cats in house....hehe....i very scared of cats, cannot imagine having my gal touching one...kekeke

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Chinneeq - Thanks! She is feeling better. Oh! My girl loves to touch small animals!