Thursday, November 15, 2007

Recovering Well :- )

I was really tired last night thus I chose to sleep instead of blogging. :P

When we reached the Therapy Center yesterday, she started to pull my shirt and said "no doctor" "go home" and refused to go into the waiting room. Luckily, it was our turn and I managed to bring her in after much struggling and she started crying.

Therapist said her condition has improved and will only see her on Friday. Then, he carried Shannon on his lap and started the Neubalizer treatment. Well, it was painless but she was crying non-stop during her treatment. She looked at me and said "Mummy, Carry" constantly until the treatment stop. The Therapist again "shoot" two syringes of water/medicine into her nostril to clean her nose and I think this terrified her the most. I calmed her down by bringing her to look at the fish tank outside the therapist room and went home shortly...

Shannon is recovering well and she slept better at night now. Her condition improved tremendously after the 3 times of Neubalizer Treatment and I believe she will be fully-recover in no time. :)

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Ling That's Me said...

glad to hear she is recovering. take care! :)

btw, I've linked you :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ ling - Thanks :) I've linked u as well! ;)