Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shannon and The Kitten

These are some funny videos I have taken while Shannon playing with the kitten last Thursday. I know she loves the kitten but she is really way to young to care for it. Ohya, please do not report the videos to SPCA in case she kenna charge for ill-treating the kitty... Muarhahahaha

In this video, she carried the kitten in a wrong way. I love when she said: " don wan don wan"... so sweet... can skip this short video if you don wan to hear me screaming at her about the way she carried the kitten.

She finally held the kitten in a RIGHT way! Well the kitten was running away from her in our messy home.

Chasing the kitten around! Throwing her tantrums when the kitty ran away from her. This video clip showed her scratching her face and hair after handling the cat which I hate it.


5 friends commented ^_^:

Bengbeng said...

every week I feature a blog. Do you mind if i feature your blog this week? any relevant info u would like to add?

jeslyn said...

THIS is a hilarious post. Although shannon's not handling the kitten the correct way, I can see that she loves kitty! However, the sight of her throwing tantrums for the last video, last few mins, like. OMG WHY SHANNON SO NAUGHTY *SPANKS*
kidding :D

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Bengbeng - It's an honor to be featured in your blog! :P I should be the one asking...any info you wanna to ask? hehe

@Ah Bee - Yeah! *Spank* hahahaha

Helen said...

Hahahhaha too bad kitty has to go. I guess keeping a pet is a big commitment Shannon is too young to undertake. :-)

Don't worry though.. I bet SHannon will pester you when she's old enough..:-P

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Helen - Ya..Keeping Pets are a BIG commitment which I do not have. hehehe :)