Sunday, November 11, 2007

Viral Fever, Febrile Fits

She dozed off on me last night after taking her medicine. I made sure that her fever subsided to 38.5 before I really turned off the light and sleep. I woke up at 4am to check on her and realised that her fever had risen to 40.8degree. I called my friend in Singapore and took her advice. I gave Shannon another dose of medication and sponge her down till 38.5degree before I go back to sleep again.

We woke up about 10am this morning and she was still having fever. We decided to bring her to the hospital after she finished her milk. When she passed me her bottle of unfinished milk, she said "Mummy, don wan, I cough"... Before I could react, she vomited all over her hair, body and bed. :-( We quickly bath her and her temperature went down to 37.4 after awhile. As I was worried that the hospital will not entertain my girl at low fever, J suggested that we had our breakfast before going to the hospital.

We went straight to the hospital after breakfast and waited for about half an hour. The doctor checked her throat, tummy, and ear and said no infection was found. When he asked about her behavior these 2 days, I nearly wanted to tell him that Shannon was extremely bubbly and active now compared to yesterday. Anyway, the doctor said it should be viral fever and the fever will goes up and down for 5 days. He gave us some 2 types fever medicine prescription and advice us to visit a doctor on Tuesday for another check up. On the way home, we gave her some milk and she dozed off in the car. We were trying to look for a Pharmacy to buy the prescription but all were CLOSED!

J went to our French neighbour house for help to check where to get the prescription on Sunday while I carried her back home and let her watched her Dora as per requested. A while later, she clung on to me like a koala bear and I passed her to J as I need to use the toilet. Within minutes, I heard J calling me. I rushed out and J told me that she was having febrile fits and asked me to sponge her immediately. I went immediately fetch some water and towel and start sponging her. I was trying my best to stay calm although tears were running in my eyes. Luckily her febrile fits last for only one minute but her temp was still very high. We decided to put her into a tub of water instead to bring down her temp. After 1ominutes, her fever subsided to 38.5 and we dried and dressed her up and decided to bring her back to the hospital.

While we were on the way to the hospital, she looked drowsy and even vomited all over me! My shirt was almost wet with her vomits. :-( We reached the hospital and doctor attended to her immediately while I went to the toilet to clean myself up. (T.T ) I went in to join them and doctor said that they will put Emla patch (anesthesia cream) inside of her elbow for one hour before drawing her blood and they need to collect her urine to check for any infection. The hardest part was to catch her urine with the urine bag they pasted on her. She kept on crying and wanted to tear off the urine bag. We did request for a container instead but they only understood it after we asked it for the fourth time. After the urine bag was torn out, she dozed off for about half an hour.

The doctor came in about half an hour later to draw her blood. She was awaken by them when they are holding her hand. As she struggled, the needle did not poke into the right place, thus they had to draw her blood on her right hand instead. Three tubes of blood were drawn and result will be out in half an hour. We brought her to the toilet whenever she said she wanted to pee but nothing came out. She told us it was stuck!!! Oh my goodness!! Stuck?? No urine or stuck? We told her that we need to collect her urine before she can go home. We decided to give her some milk and before she finished the milk, she said she wanted to pee again. We immediately brought her to the toilet and finally got her urine! All of us were so happy when we managed to collect her urine after 3 hours. She was also very happy because she thought she could go home immediately. I decided to bring her out for a walk as she was crying to go home.

After about half an hour, all the result was out! EVERYTHING WAS FINE! The doctor said the fever might cause by some virus. He advice us to see a doctor tomorrow for another thorough checkup while monitoring her high fever by giving her fever medicine 3 hours apart. We reached home tired and hungry. J ordered pizzas for dinner while I immediately went to take in a shower after being so smelly for half a day.

Her fever is under control now, ranging from 37.5-38.5 degree. We will give her another dose of fever medicine before going to sleep. J will be taking half day tomorrow to bring her to the PD for a thorough checkup. Hopefully, her fever bug will goes away soon....

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stay-at-home mum said...

Oh dear, Hope she gets well soon. As a parent, i know how you must feel now. Take care.

Firehorse said...

Sigh, when our kids are sick that's the worse feeling, as parents we often wish that it was us instead of them....for me esp with fever, i get so sked, staying up whole night just to sponge him down. Hope she gets better soon, you take care too and make sure u get some sleep.

Claire's Mummy---> said...

Oh, that sounds really bad. I can imagine your feeling. I remembered back then, Claire also have the same symptons like Shannon and we went to KKH for check up. Also, that time as she's not toilet trained, we have to paste the urine bag on her and we also waited for few hours before there's few DROPS of urine.

Really hope that Shannon will get well soon.

Take care!

jeslyn said...

poor girl. yiyi sayang. MWAH

JO-N said...

Oh, poor Shannon. Take care and please get well soon.

A tag for you. Please hunt for it in my blog cos I have many tags lying there.

Helen said...

This sounds frightening and I can understand your concern.

Keep us inform about Shannon's recovery. :-)

Princesses Mummy said...

poor shannon.hope that she will get well soon.
is it due to the kitten?maybe it has some kind of viruses too?
take great care of yrself too.
if need any help in s'pore,dun hesitate to let me know.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@stay-at-home mum - Thanks for the concern and thanks for dropping by!

@firehorse - Thanks for your concern! Really heartbreak when she kenna fits and now coughing non stop.. so helpless..

@Nicole - Ye.. indeed quite bad. This is second time she kenna fits and now bronchitis... Thanks for your concern as well :)

@Ah Bee - Thanks! :P

@Jo-n - Thanks for everything! Will do the tag when free..

@Helen - Thanks for your concern! I thought today i can post about recovery but....

@Carol- Thanks for the concern and offering of your help! Should got nothing to do with the kittens.. :)

Jo said...

It really breaks our heart to know that she is so sick. And there is no way we can comfort her as she is not by our side. :( Jasmine, please take extra good care of her for us...

Judy said...

My prayers are with Shannon. I am sure she will recover soon with medication and it is nearly 5 days?

Take care. It's never easy to see your young child sick and being pricked with needles.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ jo - Will take good care of her! :)

@ judy - Thanks for your prayers! Ya. It is really painful to see them pricked with needles.

Surprising, PD never prescriped any cough medicine for her.