Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Making of Baby (Day 14)

I will be seeing the gynea later to scan the thickness of my uterine lining. I know I am going to get a longer and thicker needle pricking on my butt soon. :(

After I got my HCG injection last Saturday, I felt kind of bloated these 2 days and "air" movement in my lower abdomen as well. To make it worse, I am down with cough now. I really hope it doesn't affect the process of making our 2nd baby.

Ohya.. Everytime I finished my injection, Shannon will come to me and asked

Shannon: "Mummy, Are you Okay?"
Me: "Yes, dear"
Shannon: " Mummy, 痛痛"

Then she started to "sayang" my tummy. ^_^

5 friends commented ^_^:

Ling That's Me said...

*hugz* is a tough journey to conceive isnt it? i can feel ur pain and hardwork :) mummy is the greatest!

jeslyn said...

shannon is freaking adorable. and meimei loves you! goodluck okie :D

JO-N said...

Oh Jas, it's really not easy for you, ya? Luckily you have Shannon to sayang you. All pain will go away.

Elaine said...

What a price to pay to have 2nd baby, lucky Shannon is so loving and sayang you... hUgz to you..

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ ling - Thanks! Ya.. indeed a tough journey for me. :P

@ Ah Bee - :P

@ jo-n - I felt really touched when Shannon did that. Although the pain is still there.. hahaha

@ elaine - Thanks for the "hugz" :)