Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night

Surprised! Only 2 visits tonight and they are our neighbours! LOL...

I was busy cooking fish ball noodles when there was someone knocking on the door. I looked out the window and suddenly remember tonight is Halloween night! I freaked out immediately and asked J to open the door instead as I am not ready for any fright. Then, we saw a pretty witch and a monster carrying a Halloween Pumpkin candle! After a while, a handsome little Dracula came to join them too.

It was quite a disappointment as there was no knocking on the door after our neighbours left. What to do with the candy and mini bars we had purchased earlier? We are supposed to treat the little girls and boys in their "scary" Halloween Mask and Costumes. Since there are no visitors, we shall keep the candy bars and mini chocolates for our own consumption. ^_^

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
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Tomorrow is Halloween night... eeeekkk...What will happen? Who will come knocking on our door? Phew.. Luckily J will be at home handling the tricks or treats...

I remember few years ago, my friend cum neighbour got a big fright on that night. She opened the door with a bloody man holding an axe lying on the floor. She screamed and slammed the door but the guys started to scratch and banged on her door and shutter. After that year, most of the wives here will either off the lights early and hide in their bedroom or gathered together to spend the Halloween night.

Actually we bought some Halloween Costumes for FUN during our first trip here in 2001. I remember my friend did wear it and really frightened a kid. After that, we just chucked it in the garage. Well, I am lucky to meet those "little cute ghost" which were not so scary at all. Normally, I will just prepare lots of sweets and chocolates to distribute on that day. We did not get any Halloween costume for Shannon because she might be too young to play around or understand anything... Hmmm..Perhaps next year... ^_^

No Tricks
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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. Traditional activities include trick or treating, Halloween Festivals, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted houses and viewing horror files.

History about Halloween

The Festival of Halloween is a celebration of the end of the fertile period of the Celtic Goddess Eiseria. It is said that when Eiseria reaches the end of her fertile cycle the worlds of the dead and the living interlap. This happens on October 31. Masks are worn to show respect for the Goddess Eiseria who, like most Celtic deities, does not wish to be seen with human eyes. The day also preceeds All saints day, which was at first the celebration of the start of a new cycle of fertility for the celtic Goddess Eiseria. Couples incapable of producing children thus tried their luck on All saints day.

Adapted from Wikipedia

Learning to Use "Mouse"

I used to put her on my lap in front of the computer and played the education games online. Today, she insisted to use the mouse herself and I let her. She surprised me with her fast learning skills.

In this video, she is still trying to move the mouse to the desired place. As you can see, the mouse arrow was missing always. 15 minutes later, I decided to let her play using her own computer as the smaller mouse should be easier for her to grip.

She played this game several months ago by just either hitting any key on the keyboard or clicking the mouse. In this video, she actually knows how to pick up the pieces and dragged it to the desired place!

Bravo! Shannon! You always surprised mummy with your fast learning skills!

Cutting Skill

Shannon started to practice using scissor since she is 20 months old. We bought plastic scissor for her to practice and we will hold the paper for her to cut.

Recently, her interest in cutting came back and we realised that her cutting skill improved! She can cut by herself! But of course, she still needs help to cut the paper smaller..

Well Done, my girl!

Cosmetic Dentist

You may wish to consider cosmetic dentistry if you suffer lack of confidence resulting from cracked or broken teeth, stained or crooked teeth, missing teeth, unsightly fillings, gum problems, an uneven bite, chipped or rough teeth.

If you reside at San Diego, do check out San Diego dentist from Complete Dental Health to keep your mouth healthy and attractive! Dr. David Landau and Dr. Tim Collins with a team of highly qualified members offer full, comprehensive range of cosmetic and general services. They offer services from Zoom whitening, Invisalign braces, Porcelain veneers, Bonding Crowns and many more!

I think I need to get my teeth laser whitened soon. I have calcium stains and am a coffee addict, so my teeth are getting uglier each day.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Bad Day
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I think PMS crept in secretly today... :(

I've been feeling so irritated and moody since morning. I just can't control my temper and mood today. I don't feel like doing anything but my dear girl kept bugging me. I can't even sit still in front of my computer... I just feel really blue for no reason. Well, I don't know what to do when I walked around the house just now. I just feel that the house is so messy The clothes were lying all over the place, and in the study room waiting to be packed. I planned to do my housework today but I really don't have the mood... :/ :/ :/

Sigh... Maybe I should stuff myself with chocolates to see if it can work wonders on me.

Lousy Morning

This morning, I suddenly remembered that I haven't got the fertility medicine ready for my coming big project!!! I better get it ready today or tomorrow by the latest in case it's not in stock.

While I was checking my email, Shannon came to me and said...

"Mummy, I cough."

Before I could react, she "merlioned" on my trousers and carpet. Arggghhh... >: (

I was so fed up! Got up and cleaned her and myself up, then I started to clean up the carpet which made my blood boil. >: ( After wiping several times, I still found that it is dirty and still sticky! Aiyo... That's why I hate carpets with kids around but then without carpet, the floor would be so cold... :/ : S

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thank You Uncle Jon & Anna Jie Jie

Would like to thank Uncle Jon and Auntie Anna JieJie for the gift we received few days ago. Oh Yes! Thanks for the HardRock Cafe T-Shirt too. But how come Da Sao doesn’t have any gift leh? (Joking lah)

Shannon was very happy when she saw the gift. However, I have kept it aside as I am worried that she will tear the cards. hehehe

Thanks again! When are you visiting us?

Shannon is Addicted to

Dora The Explorer!!!!
The series is designed to actively encourage pre-schoolers in a play along adventure. Dora The Explorer builds on Nick Jr’s promise to ‘Play, Laugh and Learn.’ Each day Dora and her monkey companion Boots go on a high stakes journey – a quest filled with funny friends, puzzling problems and an arch villain fox......

Dora the Explorer teaches children basic Spanish words and phrases along with math and music skills and physical coordination. Children also learn with Dora how to observe situations and solve problems.
How addicted?

She can watch Dora for the whole evening.
She can skip her nap by watching Dora.
She can sing along with Dora and Boots.
She can seat still and watch one series after another.
She goes berserk when we switch off the show.
She brings Dora everywhere she goes.
She wants us to read story books on Dora the Explorer..
She carries her backpack almost everywhere even she is at home.




Well, of course I am worried about her addiction of Dora! Frankly, she has been picking up lots of sentences and words from Dora but I am still worried the side effect of watching too much TV programs. I heard it will affect their concentration in studies when they grow up. Thus, I prefer her to go to Creche to cut down the TV watching. Anyway, I will try to cut down her time in front of the TV from now onwards.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thai Feast @ Serene's House

I just came back from Serene's house after eating a Thai Feast prepared by some of the friends. They have made Oneh Oneh, sesame chicken, fried fish cake (with curry powder) and Tom Yam Soup. Serene said that she loves to eat my pineapple rice I had cooked earlier and asked me to show them.

However, the pineapple rice failed because the rice was too soft due to the excessive of pineapple juice. This is the first time I tried frying pineapple rice with different ingredient but I know what went wrong this time. Oneh Oneh was not as soft as it should be by the time I taste it. Could it be the moisture is lost without covering it with damp cloth? Sesame Chicken taste yummy, however Fish cake and the Tom Yam soup are the most successful dishes in this feast!

Oh ya.. Sorry guys.. I should have joined you earlier if I know you are making so many food. I was really busy cracking my head trying to complete my posts in my blog.

Shannon's Throne

This is the throne I am talking about. It cost us 15 Euro for this average looking small sofa which we bought for Shannon. This is so far the cheapest and most comfortable sofa which we can find here. We decided not to get her the Dora printed sofa as it will cost us 30 Euro which means 60 SGD for a sofa with some kind of hard sponge inside!!!

Luckily, she loves this sofa and will sit sleep on this sofa while watching her cartoons.

Throwing Tantrum In Public

Sometimes, just don understand why kids love to throw tantrum in the public? To make us lose face?

We went window shopping with friends 2 weeks ago. Shannon was playing hide and seek in every boutique we went it. How? Trying to hide herself in the row of clothes and expect us to find her. When we are leaving the boutique, she was reluctant to follow us. Then we walked away and when we turn back, she was laying on the floor... @_@

Updates of My Earning

After a month of writing paid post, I have earned a total of 140 USD. Well, it is really a peanut compare to other pro-bloggers. I realised that it was not really easy to write paid post. I put in a lot of effort reading, researching before writing a paid post. To make it worse, I am not a creative writer for I just can't think and write out of the box.

Anyway, I have limited paid post to do because of my google page ranking. Or rather, I should concentrate to learn how to write paid post, inserting the ads and raising my page rank for now. .

Where is the kitten?

The kitten is still at home! J is reluntant to give the kitten away. He insisted that we keep the kitten till Sunday even though I said no. Well, I have no choice but to give in again. Shall let him play with the kitten over the weekend and hopefully he keeps his word.

The cleaning of the pee and poo of the kitten will rely on you, dear.

Ohya.. please clean up the whole house after you send the kitten away. :P

Want To Be An Advertiser?

While I was surfing for reviews to do at SR, I am surprised to see Demoment on the list. I hopped to her blog and left a msg on her Cbox and truth was revealed yesterday!

Thank You
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I would like to thanks Chinneeq at De' Moment for sharing the tips on how to become an advertiser. I am somehow addicted to her parenting blog as she is really nice lady who shares about everything. Here is a bit more about her...

She is a SAHM born in Malacca who left the corporate world for her family and dear QQ.
She is an inspiring mummy who runs a playgroup voluntarily at her place.
She loves baking, cooking, fun parenting, scrapbooking and helping others like me.
She just appeared on TV3 last week and her blog was featured in November Issue of Mother & Baby!

You can go to her De'Play to get tips (step by step instructions) on craft work she did with her dear daughter. De'cusine is open recently for viewing too.. hehehe

Back To Creche

After 2 weeks of resting, Shannon went back to Creche today. It was difficult to wake her up this morning as she had been sleeping till 11am for the past 2 weeks. :P

"Mummy, No School" was the first sentence she mumbled to me before she takes the milk bottle from me. I had to change her and tie her hair with her eyes closed. -_-'

As usual, she clung to me like a koala bear after a long break from the Creche. She did smile to everyone when we reached but refused to let me go. After half an hour, I hugged her, stood up and left her with Valerie's care. When Valerie came out from the room, she said Shannon just frowned awhile and back to her happy self again.

Bravo, my little girl...Mummy is so proud of you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sorry, No Pet Please

J called me yesterday asking me whether can we keep a kitten and my first answer is NO. I know that he will not give up as he has been a cat-lover since young. Thus, I just said bring it home if you insist but I am not going to take care of it. So he asked his colleague to bring back the kitten in the evening. The little kitten stayed quietly in the box till Shannon discovered it.

The moment she discover the kitten in the box.
Click here if you cannot see the video.

Trying to kill the cat 1
Click here if you can not see the video.

Trying to kill the cat 2
Click here if you cannot see the video.

Shannon cried when the kitten ran away.
Click here if you cannot see the video

I know she loves the kitten but I think she is way too young to care for it. She wants the kitten to sleep like her using a pillow, to use a potty when the cats need to pee, sits like her with buttock on the sofa etc. She cries when the kitten ran away from her asking me to find and catch it for her. If you finished watching the 4 videos I have embedded, I think you will agree with me that it is not really a good idea to keep the kitten. I am really worried that she will kill the kitten accidentally one day. She will kenna more scolding from us if she ill-treats the cat unconsciously which I really doesn't want to scold her because of this.

Most importantly, I am not willing to take care of the kitten. I am not willing to clean the urine and feces of the kitten. I have to make sure I washed my hand thoroughly when I handle Shannon's food. I have to wash Shannon's hand after she touched the cats. I have to ensure that everywhere is clean. I have to make sure that the kitten doesn't pee or poo on the carpet. It is really adding more responsibility, stress as well as work to me. Moreover, we are planning for No. 2 !

Thus, my final decision is NO... Sorry dear, I am NOT keeping the kitten, I am not giving in this time. Please give away the kitten ASAP! I love the pets but I love Shannon and myself more!

Gaining Weight

I am a lazy mummy who hates exercise. I was so happy I lost some weight when I first came to France. I thought being a housewife staying at home with my naughty girl will make me lose more weight due to stress. However, after settling down, I put on more weight while J slim down due to his stressful work. I guessed I have been spending too much time in front of the computer that has caused the weight gain.

To make it worse, I am not sure what my weight is as my bathroom scales broke down few months ago. I came across while I was surfing the net for a new bathroom scale. They offered digital scales which have lifetime warranting in the US including a cheap digital pocket scales which I am looking into it.

Their food/counting scales caught my eyes as well. This scale can weigh things in grams, pounds or ounces. Interesting part is, it doesn't just weigh things, it can also count them. Check out as they sell all kind of scales you can think of.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TTC#2 Starting Soon

After the trial transfer last week, I will start our making no.2 project probably end of next month or early December. We have decided on Single Embryo Transfer as I do not want to risk myself having twins or triplet. :P

Dr. Emperaire had prescribed Gonal–F® RFF Pen to be injected in my tummy from (counting from the next menstruation cycle) Day 6/7 for 5 days. Gonal F is a synthetic version of naturally occurring follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that helps egg development in the ovaries. For this time, the goal is to induce my ovulation.

Then I will need to see him on Day 11/12 to check whether I need to have another few more injections before I get another one at my buttock Ouch! to trigger the ovulation. When I trigger my ovulation, they will start to thaw 2 embryos and try to cultivate to
blastocyst stage. They will call me for the result and then schedule a time for me to go down to do the transferring of embryo to my womb. At the same time, start my progestrone injection buttock Ouch Ouch Ouch weekly for 3 months. But of course, if no embryos survived after the thawing, we will need to cancel the whole thing and start over again. (CHOY CHOY CHOY) Faint! AGAIN!!please lah No more needles lah

Good News (hopefully) will be announce after 2 weeks of waiting which will be around mid or end of December. I bought about 6 pregnancy test kits when I did my
first IVF and started to test after a week of the embryo transfer. I was so happy and excited to see the faint line getting more and more darker each day.

So can I buy another 6 test kits this time, my dear hubby??
Ayeee co'mon, no NO from you.. you are doing nothing this time leh

Email Marketing

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Best of all, you can use their Free Trial as many times as you want to send a free email campaign to 30 contacts or less each month with no risk or obligation before you commit.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You're A Treat

Surprisingly, I received the first award/treat from Jo-n and Sweetpea. Thank you so so much, Jo-n and Sweetpea for the kind treat!! You guys made my day!!

This award originated from Hootin' Anni and should we decide to pass it on, we are requested to award this to random visitors to make new friends.

I would like to pass this award to many NEW friends I have just met in the blogsphere. Here you go...

De'Moment (Chinneeq)

Void Sky (Adrain)

Chronicles of a mother (Lily Ann)

Fatty Poh Kopitiam (Firehorse)

Grandmother stories (Judy)

My All (Helen)

My Longkang (BengBeng)

Wrong Side of Thirty (Lilian)

Have a nice day!!!

Counting in Spanish

Yesterday, Shannon was playing the leaflets in the fertility clinic and she started counting....

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco... (1,2,3,4,5)


I was stunned when I heard her reciting cos I thought she only watch the moving graphics and pick up some words in the show. Previously, she will just point and repeat the place where Dora is exploring. Few days ago, she was walking on the bench in the MacDonald Playground and she said:

Mummy, Look! I crossed the river!

^_^ Glad that her speech is improving.


RockYou FunNote - Get Your Own

Happy 31st Month, Shannon!! We Love You...

Monday, October 22, 2007


This evening, I was sitting at my PC typing away and Shannon came up to me and said ......


I Love You!
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A Special Day to remember!!!

ME Driving to Bordeaux

This afternoon, I drove to Bordeaux Jean Villa Polyclinic with Shannon. This is my FIRST TIME driving such a long distance (63km) and at a high speed! :P

I got my driving license 10 years ago but never really drive. I hate driving because I know I am very careless. I always forgot my blind spot and most importantly I hate kenna lecturing from my hubby. I always joked that unless he signed me some contract that he wouldn't ask the details if I kenna accident one day. I couldn't imagine lying on the hospital bed with one leg hanging, then kenna interrogate by him asking me what happen and why it happen.... LOL... (a bit exaggerating lah..hehe)

After we re-located to France, I have no choice but to pick up driving again as I need to send Shannon to school. Luckily, J bought me an Auto Transmission Car. Well, Auto Cars in France are more expensive and normally driven by handicap only (o^_^o). J also got me comprehensive car insurance and assured me that he wouldn't nag so much when I am driving. After driving for months, I am still not adventurous or courage to drive too far away from my comfort zone. Some of the roads here are damn narrow with cars parking along the side. Although J had mentioned that my parking skills had improved but I am still not confident to choose a parking lot in between 2 cars.. (o^_^o)

Anyway, I was forced to drive to Bordeaux by myself today because J was not able to take leave for the gynea appt. The thoughts of me driving alone with that kind of distance and having Shannon around during the consultation made me so moody my face was as black as a piece of charcoal for the whole morning. How do you expect Shannon to sit down quietly with me and listen quietly?

Luckily, things were not as bad as I had thought. My appointments were at 430pm and 500pm. I started my journey at 230pm to avoid the traffic jam which usually happens around 3-4pm. Journey was great and shiok driving at 90km/hr and 130km/hr ... hahaha... I reached the fertility clinic at 315pm, waited sometimes for Shannon to wake up from her nap. From 350pm to 515pm, we went to the toilet for 4 times, drank a few cups of distilled water (insisted by Shannon when she played with the water dispenser). Some of the French couldn't take their eyes off Shannon at the waiting room as she was performing here wiggling, dancing and talking. When it was my turn to see the gynea, we went into the room and Shannon refused to be seated as there were many things (the books lying on the floor, the little presents on the table, the files on the table etc) around for her to touch and explore. Luckily, I brought some gummy bears to keep her quiet and seated while I try to catch up and conclude what the gynea was trying to say to me in English with French accent.

After the appointment, we left the clinic at 505pm and I made a wrong turn which nearly lead me to PARIS instead of home... @_@ Luckily there was a left turn into some factories which enable me to make a U-turn back. "Phew" Traffic was slow in the beginning; I was traveling like 50km/hr at the expressway. I don't really dare to move out my lane in the first place but after awhile I was "flying" like 90-130km/hr to shake off the car that was tailing me...

We reached home safely at about 615pm and received J's call at 30mins later. I told him that I was unsure about the speeding limits at certain part of the expressway thus forgive me if I got a ticket! :P

Hopefully no lah cos some cars "fly" faster than me man!!! Ohya Ohya.. Don't worry about me, I only speed drive within speed limit and of cos I speed when I feel confident lah....Safety First... I know I know.. hahahaha

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness @ Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse also known as Place Royale is one part of old Bordeaux with its stunning and impressive 18th century architecture.

Last week, we passed by the Fountain of the Three Graces in the middle of Place de la Bourse. PINK ribbons were tied on "the three Grace" and the water in the fountain is also in PINK! We were then reminded that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. You can read more at PINK FOR OCTOBER!

Night View was badly taken !! We will be back with tripod next time!

This photo was taken by Iris

Stock Control With FORTURO

Stock control, otherwise known as inventory control, is a crucially important aspect of business and it does play a very important role in the daily operations of your company. Stock control is used to show how much stock you have at any one time, and how you keep track of it. It is important that a business always has sufficient stocks to meet its own needs and those of consumers. However, it also needs to keep the minimum amount to avoid damage and waste, and to minimise the cost of holding stock. It was indeed a very large balancing act and luckily there is always a software to help you with it.

Forturo Inventory is a comprehensive module controlling the flow of stock from purchase order through sales’ order to warehouse and delivery! Forturo Stock Control Software is easy to install as well as easy to learn and use. Their solid functional system will fits seamlessly into your business solution with a simply laid out, well designed interface, which eases the learning curve for new users.

Forturo is a browser-based, business management solution designed specifically for small to medium sized companies. They are able to configure their products which allows you to set your system up for the way you work. Their system includes a comprehensive user-based security suite which allows you to configure which modules an user has access to and which functionality within each module. With its built in remote hosting capability, you can access any information in real time and can even give your customers secure access to their own information. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can trust Forturo software is developed to the highest standards!

Some of their Key Business Benefits include reducing errors, ensuring all chargeable work is billed correctly and on time and paying for user modules you need. The Key Features in Forturo includes full user-level security, multi-warehouse, serial and non-serial number processing and multi-currency etc.

You can go to for more detailed information. Or you can either check out on their online demo or download their brochures to have a clearer view how Forturo works for you and your business!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Restaurant L’ Entrecôte

J had been asking me to eat at Restaurant L'Entrecôte for years but I was reluctant to go with him because I am not a beef person and I don't take food that is not fully cooked. However, I did tell him that I can go with him to watch him eat but he rejected. I even said I will try the "well done" beef but be prepared to eat my share if I don't like it. Well, he just kept quiet...

Finally, we went to Restaurant L'Entrecôte at Bordeaux when our friends, Iris and Fion visited us last week. It was really popular with queues of customers waiting outside the door at 645pm. We were directed to the 4th floor at 715pm even we had a pram with Shannon sleeping in it (think 4th floor is non-smoking area) .

Anyway, there is only ONE main course available - steak with fries, salad and the famous l'entrecote sauce at 16 euros. J ordered one medium rare for himself and 3 well-done for rest of us. The food came and we swapped up all of it because it was just too delicious! Iris and Fion regretted ordering well-done as they find that medium rare was tenderer. J offered his medium rare and ate the well done beef instead. ("Sigh" Being his friends are so much better than his wife. At least he is more accommodating to his friend than me.. :P If he had agreed to eat my share earlier, we have been to this restaurant long time ago.)

So friends here, what are you waiting for? Go and try it this Saturday! !


In French, the word entrecôte denotes a premium cut of beef used for steaks and roasts. Traditionally it came from the rib area of the carcass, corresponding in English to the steaks known as rib, rib-eye, club, scotch fillet, or Delmonico, or to the roasts known as standing rib or prime rib. The term is now also used for the sirloin cut known as contre-filet, being the portion of the sirloin on the opposite side of the bone from the filet, or tenderloin. In English, a steak cut from the contre-filet is known variously as a striploin, wing, club, Delmonico, New York, Kansas City, Porterhouse, or strip steak when separated from the bone, or as a T-bone or Porterhouse steak when left on the bone with the filet.

Around the world, many restaurants featuring steak dishes use the word entrecôte as their name or part of their name. In particular, the name L'Entrecôte has come to identify three iconic groups of restaurants owned by two sisters and one brother of the Gineste de Saurs family, which specialise in contre-filet and serve it in the typical French bistrot style of steak-frites, or steak-and-chips:

  • L'Entrecôte is the popular nickname of the restaurant Le Relais de Venise – L'Entrecôte, founded by Paul Gineste de Saurs in Paris's 17th arrondissement near Porte Maillot, and now run by one of his daughters. As well, the restaurant is widely known as L'Entrecôte Porte-Maillot.
  • L'Entrecôte is the official name of a group of restaurants established by a son of Paul Gineste de Saurs, with locations in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Montpellier, and Lyon.
  • L'Entrecôte is used as an informal name for the Le Relais de l'Entrecôte restaurants operated by another daughter of Paul Gineste de Saurs, with two locations in Paris and one in Geneva. The oldest of these, in Paris's 6th arrondissement, is widely known as L'Entrecôte Saint-Germain.
(extracted from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)